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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  May 19, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> yeah. >> thanks sheena. for all of us here, thanks for watching. >> the news continues now with "nbc nightly news" to you at 11:00. on this tuesday night the biggest recall in history. 34 million vehicles on american roads with dangerous air bags that can violently explode. now, linked to at least five deaths. is your car on the list. cancer charity scam. shocking allegations. charities that waste $187 million for cancer patients accuses of spending almost all of it on lavish vacations, cars and salaries. disturbing new twists in the murder mystery near the vice president's house in washington. would you want to know? your risk of getting certain kinds of cancer. a brave new world of medicine giving patients early warning years in advance. we're there as the mom gets the news. and is your dog a genius?
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turns out there's a way to find out. nightly news begins right now. good evening, we start tonight with the biggest product recall in american history. it affects tens of millions of cars on the road with a potentially deadly defect. ironically involving something designed to save lives. japanese air bag manufacturer takata warning there's a defect with their air bags. it could send shrapnel into drivers and passengers. tonight the government is nearly doubling the size of an earlier recall tom costello is working that story for us tonight. he has important information now. the size of the recall is stunning.
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nearly 34 million vehicles nationwide involved. roughly one out of every four cars on the road. the takata corporation now admits it's not true. >> takata has agreed to declare that air bag inflaters are defective. it's recalling these inflaters and these recalls are nationwide. >> five people in the u.s. have been killed by defective air bags including an 18-year-old who died after the air bag exploded. >> i got there within seconds and watched an 18-year-old girl literally die in front of me inside that vehicle. >> reporter: others like brandy brewer lost an eye. >> it makes me angry. angry that this is an ongoing problem, and it's still going on now. this is something that should have been fixed years ago. >> the defective air bags are most dangerous in extremely
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humid climates. moisture can lead to a chemical reaction causing the inflater to explode explode. >> 3, 2, 1. >> reporter: to find out if your car is on the recall list locate your vin number go to search for recalls and recalls by vin, type in that vin number and whatever recalls are affecting your car, including the air bag recall should pop up up. >> it's not enough to identify defects, they must be repaired. >> takata said we are continuing to work closely with regulators and our automaker customers to do everything we can to advance the safety of drivers. it may take years and if your air bag has already been replaced you may have to did it again if those parts were defect defective. the dot identifies who goes first.
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turning to the campaign trail now, where until today, hillary clinton had not answered a question from the press for four weeks. while controversy mounted over her family's foundation and her private e-mails as secretary of state today at last, she faced the press and kristen welker was there there. >> reporter: after 28 days of avoiding direct questions in reporters, hillary clinton faced the press in iowa today. and her state department e-mails were at issue. >> i want those e-mails out, nobody has a bigger interest in getting them released than i do. >> the department said they wouldn't be able to release all 50 pages of e mates until january. >> i want them out as soon as they can get out. >> reporter: we asked if mrs. clinton will push her former colleagues. >> will you demand it? >> well they're not mine they
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belong to the state department. as much as they can expedite that process, that's what i'm asking them to do. >> reporter: republicans refused to let clinton put the issue to rest, slamming her for deleting e-mails she says were personal. >> i think the server at home business is just absolutely incredible that you would be secretary of state and be working off a private e-mail and be deleting and destroying that stuff is incredible to me. >> reporter: clinton also waded into an issue that has tripped up some of her republican rivals iraq. >> i misstepped for sure. >> she punted when asked if iraq was better off without saddam hussein. >> i made it clear i made a mistake, plain and simple. >> reporter: she also denied any conflict of interest in her paid speeches and dismissed criticism that she's out of touch after earning $30 million over the past 16 months. >> well obviously bill and i have been blessed, and we're very grateful for the opportunities that we had. but we've never forgotten where
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we came from. now, clinton also met with small business owners here in iowa today, and discussed ways to improve economic opportunities for them. part of her pitch to prove she understands average americans. next up stops in chicago and ham happen. lester? >> kristen welker thank you. late word tonight about the health of vice president biden's son, former delaware attorney general beau biden. andrea what can you tell us? >> reporter: the vice president's older son is hospitalized at walter reed. he's the former attorney general of delaware he served one year in iraq from 2008 to 2009 with the delaware national guard. he's had medical issues in recent years, a mild stroke and surgery in 2013 in texas. to remove what doctors described as a small brain lesion. last year beau biden did not seek a third term said he had been given a clean bill of
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health and planned to run for governor in 2016. he's had continuing treatment and monitoring of his health since his surgery. left summer. >> andrea mitchell tonight, thank you. now to what's being called one of the largest charity fraud cases ever it's for cancer charities, being targeted by the feds and all 50 states accused of raising $187 million in donations for cancer patients. but instead, using all of that money for big salaries, luxury vacations and cars. stephanie gosk has the report. >> reporter: the names sound charity, children's cancer fund of america, breast cancer society, but a lawsuit filed by the ftc in all 50 states calls these four charities shams. donations were allegedly used for cars wluchl uri cruises, college tuition, jet ski outings and concert tickets. the rest went to fund-raising costs and inflated salaries. >> if you didn't know better
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you would think someone was making up the most deplorable scam they could imagine. >> reporter: the charities run by james reynolds his former wife and their son raised $187 million between 2008 and 2012. the ftc says only 3% actually went to cancer patients. a breast cancer survivor herself, gave a donation. >> we gave more than $2,000 to the organization and we thought it was going for -- to help women get mammograms. today when i heard about it i was completely disgusted by it and completely floored and in disbelief. >> reporter: the tampa bay times first questioned the organization two years ago, reynolds responded giving a tour of his tennessee facility. >> i would like to hear that it goes to the charity. realistically, i know that's not real. >> reporter: reynolds former wife and son have settled, closing two of the charities. the websites are down with only
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this letter posted. it does not help those we seek to serve, for us to engage in a highly publicized expensive and distracting legal battle. the ftc says this is a reminder before giving nowhere your money is going. stephanie gosk nbc news new york. overseas tonight, now that the iraqi city of ramadi has fallen to isis and the iraqi army has run from the fight, there is growing concern about isis and growing despair among veterans of the iraq war, who sacrifice so much of that country only to see it fall into chaos. richard engel has covered iraq then and now, and has this report. >> reporter: for the hundreds of thousands of u.s. troops that fought in the iraq war, a loss of ramadi is painful and personal. >> we're about 300 meters east of dogwood. brian was one of many marines
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who made reading ramadi his life his mission, risking everything and losing friends to do it. we were there with him. >> we need the iraqis to cooperate here a little bit more. >> back then it worked. ramadi was hard fought and won. but today, the city is in isis hands. and iglesias is heart broken wondering, was it worth the sablg face. >> for us it's a big blow. we fought for that city for a reason. if it was that important for us to fight and die for. it should be important to keep. not just for americans, but the iraqis as well. >> reporter: with ramadi gone what's to keep isis from baghdad, less than 70 miles away. the answer could be these men, shiite militia's backed by iran. iraq is imploding. and washington is trying unsuccessfully to manage it by remote control through groups with competing agendas. a decade ago, hundreds of
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americans gave their lives in the fight for ramadi. >> not just american soldiers and marines lives, but civilians, and iraqis fighting with us that lost their lives. >> reporter: now the sense of accomplishment of those who served in iraq is being chipped away one city at a time. richard engel, nbc news. in texas, police fear they could face retribution from biker gangs after they arrested some 170 suspects over the deadly brawl that killed 9 over the weekend. nbc news national correspondent miguel almaguer has more from waco. >> reporter: with investigators still analyzing a complex and bullet ridden crime scene, tonight officers are on high alert. a police bulletin warns, they could become the next target. >> the intelligence was, there were credible threats toward law enforcement, we share that information statewide. >> what did the bulletin say? >> we were at threat of attack. >> the attacks say police could
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be retribution, the names of the nine men killed in the twin peaks parking lot, all between 27 and 65 years old, many shot in the head were released today. >> the group said to be behind sunday's shooting have deep roots in texas, with 2500 members and a global span that reaches into 13 countries, one of their leaders said today, they've never ordered their members to kill police. >> president obama himself would send out the air force, the army the marine corps and everybody and take us out. there's no way. >> with 170 suspected gang members held on $1 million bond tonight police fear more mikers may be headed to texas. >> they are the mafia on wheels. >> investigative journalist julian sheer has written several books on motorcycle gangs. >> these guys live by blood. they're proud of it they don't shy away from it they will boast about their violence. these are violent, violent
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question to ponder if there's a risk you would have a serious medical issue later in life would you want to know? modern medicine can now test your dna for more than 5,000 health risks. sometimes the results are clear cut, sometimes they aren't. kate snow now with a story of two women who like so many others went searching for answers. 123478 sitting in a waiting room near denver marcella is nervous. she's here because of her family. three years ago, her mom back in colombia was diagnosed with breast cancer and treated. last year they found more colon and liver. so today the single mom is talking with a genetic counselor about her own cancer risk. based on a blood test. >> having cancer in the family is -- >> it's okay. >> it's a hard day, right? >> it's hard. but i just want to make sure that i do
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the right thing for my kids. >> it's what's driving so many women to take a simple test. angelina jolie told the world she had preventative surgeries after she discovered she's at higher risk for breast and ovarian cancers. >> have you seen an angelina effect? >> absolutely. >> i've known about this for years, my doctors told me to do it for years, it's been in the news so much, and that's what brought me in. >> lori and marcella had a test that looks for mutations in 25 genes, including the infamous brca 1 and 2, which dramatically increase the risk for breast and ovarian cancers. >> they will find anything in any of the genes they know causes increased risk for cancer. very good news. >> that's a big relief. >> but for marcella the results are more complicated. the againetic counselor told her she
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does not have a brca mutation she has something else she wasn't expecting. >> they found a mutation in the mps-2 gene. >> that means her risk of developing colon cancer is three times higher than most peoples. she will need colonoscopies every year. she also has a slightly higher risk for uterine cancer. >> is there a lot of gray? >> yes, there is. that's why we feel that genetic counselors are so essential to this process. >> reporter: marcella is relieved the news isn't worse. for her kids it's hard to take. >> knowing she could get cancer, sad. >> cancer is a really scary word. i mean i am scared of that word and my kids it's really hard for them. finding out that i have the propensity to get those types of cancers, it gives me the power to do
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something about it. >> the best these women got cost up to $6,000. insurance does cover people with a certain family history. everyone should have access and tomorrow night, we'll explore that, and also lester what might be the down side. >> it's a scary road to travel. up next tonight, chilling new clues in a murder mystery that's gripped the nati you know, just because your bladder is changing it doesn't mean that you have to. ♪ with tena® let yourself go.
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6:53 pm
some time. saba his wife amy, and their son and housekeeper were likely held captive in the home overnight, bound and threatened through thursday afternoon when they were viciously murder. the adults beaten and stabbed, the house set on fire. >> absolutely stunning. nothing like this has ever happened. >> more than one person was likely involved in the murders. >> there were no signs of forced entry at the home. it's likely the killer had knowledge of the family and how they lived their day to day lives. he was a highpowered executive that helped build washington's verizon center. police found his porsche abandoned and torched 15 miles from his home. just four miles away from american iron works headquarters. >> and then when i -- >> a second housekeeper says
6:54 pm
figueroa's husband went to the house looking for his wife. tonight a community still on edge and a $25,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest. peter alexander, nbc news, washington. when we come back we'll switchgears. if you always thought your dog was smarter than the average pooch, ♪ ♪ ♪ at chase, we celebrate small businesses every day through programs like mission main street grants. last years' grant recipients are achieving amazing things. carving a name for myself and creating local jobs. creating more programs for these little bookworms. bringing a taste of louisiana to the world. at chase, we're proud to support our grant recipients and small businesses like yours. so you can take the next big step. introducing the first ever gummy multivitamin from centrum. a complete, and tasty new way to support... your energy...
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finally tonight, a question you may have thought about more than once while staring into your best friend's eyes wondering what's inside that head what they're thinking and understanding. hallie jackson ponders the question is your dog a genius? >> reporter: they're more than just a pretty face these dogs are geniuses. all of them. >> the question really is what is the type of genius your dog has? we're going to help you measure all those things. >> find a treat. >> reporter: the program tests canine iq. there's no number score. dogs fall into one of nine intelligence types. take lassie for example, a gifted problem solver he could be anais.
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beethoven, that friendly mischief maker, might be a charmer. and how about my guy, distractible dawkin. we're about to find out. dognition's series of games tests things like memory. communication and reasoning. >> yellow. >> it's play with a purpose. especially for service animals like kyra. >> it helps where you can better assess the dogs. >> shelters are using dognition to help adopt out the dogs. >> these pet profiles may help us learn more about owselves too. >> many of the things i'm describing for dogs are true about people. >> whether on two legs or four we probably all know an einstein a maverick or a socialite like dawkins. who knows how to use his human to get what he wants. still, as any dog lover will tell you, there's only one label that matters.
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>> nice job. >> not genius just best friend. hallie jackson, nbc news, los angeles. >> that will do it for us on a tuesday night, i'm lester holt for all of us at nbc news thank you for watching, and good night. war of the jenners. kris and bruce exploding in tears finally revealing the real reason they divorced. now on "extra." kris jenner blasting bruce. >> i'm the one you lied to the
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longest. >> bruce blasting back. >> you know you treated me badly those last four or five years of our marriage. >> the jenners new couples therapy style showdown. khloe on her own battle with bruce and the biggest question of all. >> the little thing down there? >> do you have an appointment to do that? i feel like i have so much love in my corner. >> the final three moments after dancing's emotional night. >> what did your mom say walking up to her? breaking couples news. when's threatening to crash sofia's wedding? and then adam versus blake round 1,000. we send in the ultimate referee, 10-year-old nicolas bechtel. >> whoa whoa whoa. plus taylor swift helped this 665-pound superfan shake off 400 pounds. and richard quest on the new pressure cooker quiz show. >> if you get to the four 500 you will not go home poor. now on


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